Expert Membership

Share your expert perspective to generate income and increase professional opportunities. Sound international business and investment requires first-hand insights about technology developments and unique business situations.

As competition increases and business opportunities arise in more remote locations, your skills become more valuable. This value has only increased in a world where business travel has been curtailed by a pandemic.

Completing successful projects leads to new business contacts and professional opportunities. Why not share your expertise and get rewarded for what you know today?

Professional Opportunities

Reoccurring projects with the same customers can lead to full time consulting arrangements.

Skill Development

Research projects focused on related topics offer opportunities to hone knowledge, gain new skills, meet new business contacts and to build the resume experiences necessary for staying competitive.

Schedule Flexibility

Our experts have the discretion to work when it fits their schedule. There are no penalties for declining projects. We understand that this sometimes occurs because of competing commitments or conflicts of interest.

Additional Income

Expert survey input and consulting opportunities provides a source of consulting income.